Sunday was a lot of fun! Mama is volunteering with the German American Business Association (GABA). This is why she sometimes leaves me and Papa home alone in the evenings. Anyways, on Sunday GABA had their annual Sommerfest in Mountain View and because it wasn’t a business event, Papa and I joined Mama this time. […]

Well, that was fun! Mama and Papa had tickets for a play in Santa Cruz, the 3 musketeers or so, and because I’m not into theater at all, I spend the evening at my friends house. Jesse and Leyah welcomed me to their place and we had a fantastic evening. They have tons of toys […]

My friends Jesse and Leyah and their Mum took me and my Mama to Roy M Butcher Dog Park in San Jose last Thursday. This was the first time ever, that I was at a dog park and I thought that it might be a good idea, to make a list of all the parks […]

Wohoo! Yesterday, I graduated from Puppy 1 class at “A Dog’s Life”. My teacher Peggy was great! I mastered all the necessary tests. “Sit”, “down”, “stay” etc. I listened well and always did what I was asked to do. So did all my fellow classmates. We’re all so very proud. And because I did so […]

I can’t believe what happened today. Mama was working in the kitchen all morning. That usually means she’s preparing something yummy smelling for everyone but me. But today was different. After hours of that yummy peanut butter smell in the air, I couldn’t believe my luck. I got a yummy yummy treat. Mama made Peanut […]