Apparently I’m allergic to grain Mama and Papa suspected that for a while, because every time I got rice or some very yummy treats that contained grain, I started scratching a lot. Sometimes it was so bad, that I left little balls of coat all over the place, because I was scratching so much. We […]

I’m so busy… When Oma was here, we had such a great time, but unfortunately she had to leave again I missed her so much, but then, the next day, Papa came back home from Germany! Wohoooooo!!! I was already wondering if he’d forgotten about me, but when we picked him up from the airport, […]

I’m so confused. This week is weird. Don’t know what to think of that. I knew something was different when Papa was packing his clothes in a large thingy that he called a suitcase. Mama told me, that Papa was going on a conference to Germany and will be away for a week. A WHOLE […]

Yesterday my two friends Jesse and Leyha came over for a play date again. I loooove having them around. Leyah and I were playing a lot. Poor Jesse, he only wanted to nap. Tee-hee. But the good hostess I am I let him and Leyah nap in my bed.   I even shared my Bully […]

Today something really really strange is happening. There is water falling from the sky!!! I’ve seen water coming out of the sprinklers, water fountains, faucets. I’ve seen water in the ocean, in the pool, in the bath tub and in puddles, but I’ve never seen water falling from the sky. That’s spooky. Not sure what […]