Monday last week was a great surprise. I learned that Papa had the week off from work to spend some quality time with me and Mama. Wohooooo! But not only would he stay with us, but we drove all the way south to Carmel. Carmel is a very dog friendly, cosy little town. Dogs may […]

I thought it might be fun to share some of the destinations and places I’ve been to and where dogs are allowed to visit with all of you. It’s not easy being a puppy because there are so many places we can’t go. Me and my Mama and Papa are always glad and very happy […]

Wohoo! I got my very own Moo Mini Cards! What’s a Moo Mini Card you ask? Well, it’s funny mini business card, that everyone can design like they want to. It’s from this awesome company called Moo and they also offer standard sized business cards, greeting cards, stickers etc.. I used my blog desing for […]

I’m so busy right now, that I can hardly keep up with my blog. So I’ll try to tell you all about it, one adventure at a time Saturday Mama and Papa took me to San Jose to a festival for dogs. It’s called “Bark in the Park” and it’s an annual event. There are […]

A while ago I tried a new dog park. The Douglass Dog Park in San Francisco. Mama and Papa were invited to a birthday BBQ party in the city and because I still don’t stay home alone (not even for 5 minutes) they asked if I was invited too. And guess what? I was allowed […]