…my family, my friends, my toys and that I got some of the Thanksgiving Turkey (tee-hee) Last Thursday was a huge thing! I could tell because Papa went to the dog park with me early in the morning and when we came back home, the whole house was smelling soooooo delicious. Mama was in the […]

My favorite toy – Horst, the boar – was almost destroyed by me. NOOOOOOOOOO! See for yourself: Mama said he’s now called “nearly-headless-Horst” I was devastated. I loved Horst sooooo much! Mama said I couldn’t play with him any more because the stuffing was coming out and she didn’t want me to eat it. EAT […]

Apparently I’m a herding dog that’s supposed to be herding sheep. SOMEONE apparently forgot to tell me about that little detail when showing me 3! sheep the other week. Have you ever seen a sheep? They are HUGE!!! And they make very very strange noises and they have weird eyes and they are HUGE!!! Did […]